Why Choose Pinay Cupid?

February 2, 2011

There are lots of dating sites in the marketplace today. In fact, there are thousands. So why should you choose PinayCupid over other dating sites? Here are a few good reasons to get you started.

PinayCupid offers Authenticated Profiles. When you are viewing a profile that says “Cupid’s Pick”, then you can rest assured knowing we have met the women and know the pictures are, in fact, of her. We either took the photographs ourselves or we we’ve met the women and verified the photos are of her. Also, when you see the “Cupid’s Pick” icon, you’ll know we have interviewed the women, in person, in the Philippines, and we can vouch that her profile is as real as it gets.

We offer better software. All sites have chatting tools, flirts, profiles and email notifications. Today, these are expected, but at PinayCupid, we’ve taken the experience to a whole new level by letting both men and women create and manage their friends through PinayCupid, offer much better image management, size and frequency, and deliver some of the fastest screening tools available on any dating site anywhere. We also use the latest technology to improve usability throughout the site, enhance security, provide rich search controls, expanded profile matching, offer real time location mapping and chatting tools, and much more.

PinayCupid is exclusive. We only accept members from eligible men from the United States and eligible women from the Philippines. We screen every single registration which then undergoes some real scrutiny to ensure the people and the profiles are real. Yes, there are many fake profiles out there, and a few bad apples create extra work for us, but we know this, so we filter out fake profiles using sophisticated screening tools and processes, and we do this every single day. In fact, if you find another dating site with the same exclusivity as PinayCupid, let us know and we’ll refund your full membership fee…no questions asked.

We are not a sex dating site. There are hundreds of sex sites available in the marketplace, but we are not one of them. At PinayCupid, we offer men and women the tools they need to chat, get to know one another, become friends, and over time, develop real relationships. If you are looking for a relationship that last more than 10 minutes, keep reading.

We practice what we preach. We would never ask anyone to join PinayCupid if we didn’t believe our service can change peoples lives for the better. Owners of PinayCupid are both American’s and Filipina’s who met, found love and have strong life long love, family and happiness. We have strong ties in both countries and we share a deep love and respect for each others culture and lifestyle.

Climbing Aboard That Big 747

February 2, 2011

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and are ready to depart for the Philippines. Before you leave your house to LAX, here’s a flight checklist to follow before the captain says “and enjoy your flight”.

1) Pack light: Take one bag that you can easily carry onto the plane. Unless you are bringing other people, you shouldn’t have to check a single bag. Take two pairs of pants, socks, shorts, shoes and shirts along with your toiletries. After you land in the Philippines and check in to your hotel, and after you’ve had a long nap, there are plenty of nearby stores and malls where you can shop and buy some additional vacation clothes, and do it on the cheap. For the big and tall guys (myself included), it’s a little more difficult finding clothes that will fit. You can find them, it’s just harder. The best advice is to bring an extra set of clothes just in case.

2) Sweat Pants: When you are arrive at LAX, no one is going to care what you are wearing, so wear loose fitting clothing that you will be comfortable wearing for the long flight. You’re going to have to endure several security checks, so dress for comfort. Wear your most comfortable sneakers too. It’s going to be a long flight (14-21 hours duration) depending on your airline and travel itinerary, so by all means, be comfortable.

3) Bring a Waist Security Pouch: Go to your nearest department store and buy a waist security pouch. These are invaluable when traveling. Keep your cash, passport, plane tickets and other valuables in this pouch.

4) Convert your Cash: There is a currently converter booth in the International terminal at LAX. Be sure to bring some cash and convert it to pesos before you leave. You’ll need some local currency when you land for food, jeepney rides, taxis and other sundry items. Be sure to keep both pesos and dollars. This way, yo have some spending cash when you return to LAX and then home.

5) Get there early: If you have connecting flights to get to LAX, you want to make sure you don’t miss your flight leaving for Manilla or Hong Kong. It’s better to get to LAX a few early hours and sit around the airport than having to scramble to make your flight…or miss it altogether. The general rule of thumb is to build at least a four hour cushion between arriving at LAX and departing for the Philippines. This way, if you miss a connecting flight or your flight is canceled in another city, you still may have time (hopefully) to find a seat on another flight and make it to LAX.

6) Get ready to stand in line: Most International flights to the Philippines don’t start check-in until two hours before flight departure. This is another reason to travel light. Check in as soon as possible because there are always long lines and lots of boxes. A lot of Filipina’s living stateside like to take home goodies to the family…a lot of goodies. This usually involves big boxes and lots of check-in time. Be prepared to wait.

7) Set your watch: I have a watch that shows several different times zones. This is very convenient for International travel, but I’ve seen many guys go buy a ten dollar watch just for the trip. When you check-in, just ask the clerk what time it is in the Philippines and they’ll tell you. The Philippines only has one time zone…so once you have the time, you have it for the entire country.

8) Don’t wear expensive jewelry: Petty theft in the Philippines is everywhere. That said, you don’t want to wear your rolex watch and diamond bling while visiting. Leave the fancy jewelry at home.

9) Bring your Laptop: Most of the flights today show several different feature films and syndicated television shows during the flight. They also provide local programs from the Philippines. The flight will have today’s newspaper (in English) and other periodicals, but you might want to bring your own entertainment. Bringing some extra DVD movies, or video games, (and an extra battery for your laptop) is always a good idea. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the plane, having another 10 hours in the air, and having nothing to keep you entertained.

10) Ask about meals at check-in. Some airlines feed you about 30 minutes after takeoff. Cathy Pacific is very good about offering meals shortly after take-off. Some airlines don’t serve the first meal until several hours after take-off. If it’s the latter, the International terminal has plenty of restaurants on the second floor so you have time to eat before you leave. At a minimum, keep some snacks nearby for when you get the munchies.

Create a Winning Profile on Pinay Cupid

February 2, 2011

Profiles on Pinay Cupid let you build great content, but great content is in the eye of the beholder. When you start building your online profile, keep the following key points in mind.

> Upload Great Photos: Follow Pinay Cupid’s 4 point photo rule. We call this [BCLR]or (B)right, (C)lear, (L)arge and (R)ecent. You might think these would be obvious, but we’ve seen tens of thousands of photographs that are the exact opposite of what we recommend. Outdoor photo’s are the best because they show your environment and everyone wants to see your surroundings…it can say a lot about you as a person. For guys, pictures on your motorcycle, playing with your dog or a day at the park with your kids always score points. For gals, pictures at beach, in an evening gown, or just hanging out at the mall all work as well. Night time photo’s can also be good, but only if there is lots of light. Avoid taking and uploading blurry pictures. If you think about it, what’s the point of uploading a blurry picture except to show you really don’t care. Avoid small tiny pictures, especially taken from low megapixel cell phone cameras. Lastly, don’t upload your college graduation picture, unless of course you just graduated. This applies just as much to the guys as the gals. Guys need to understand that Pinay’s are more interested in the man’s heart than what he looks like, so upload recent pictures. She’ll actually respect you more for it when you meet in person; and ladies, guys want to see a close-up of your winning smile, not a picture of you and your closest fifty friends in a thunder storm. Your avatar picture, whether for gals or guys, should be a close-up that shows you, your best smile and your winning personality.

> Content is King: Ladies, don’t worry about English grammar or spelling when writing your profile. You will not be judged or graded! Just say what you want to say and speak from the heart. It’s very endearing and the guys will enjoy reading your profile, errors and all. After you write out what you want to say, take an five extra minutes and read what you wrote. You’ll likely find that you can re-write some of your content so it reads more clearly. Guys, statements like “Let’s hook up” and “I’m looking for love in all the wrong places” might sound cute (or not)…but if the real world, these types of statements simply don’t work with the ladies, particularly ladies from the Philippines. These ladies are not only the most beautiful women in the world, they are also very intelligent. I’ve seen some pinay’s run circles around some of the guys that visit the Philippines. No one wants to get burned, so think of the points you want to make, then make them. Profile content about yourself doesn’t have to be long or run in prose. Make a list of the five or so points you really want to talk about. Tell the reader who you are and open your heart, but never include your email address, phone number or personal contact information.

> Authentication: Ladies, be sure to ask about our authentication service which offers you an interviewing and photography session free of charge. This is available in different regions of the country, so be sure to ask for details. When you are interviewed and photographed by one of our local account representatives, your profile is automatically displayed as a “Cupid’s Pick”. This tells the guys that the images and profile content is really you.

> Fake Profiles: Pinay Cupid does not endorse or knowingly accept fake profiles. That said, there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of fake profiles popping up all over the web. We go through some painstaking processes to help ensure that the content for each person is real. We actually look at every single profile registration submitted to the service. Do we miss some as fakes? Absolutely, but when we find fake content, and we eventually do, these profiles are removed from the portal and the originating source is banned. We also use some modern technologies that help us target, locate and filter out fake content. It’s very sophisticated technology, but if you ever suspect seeing fake content on the site, please email us and let us know. We have a great team of dedicated experts, and we will check out every request.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

February 2, 2011

The good news.  One of the greatest advantages of meeting and dating a Pinay from the Philippines is that 95% of the people of the Philippines already speak English.  Tagalog is the native language spoken by everyone; however, the Philippines has over 80 dialects spoken throughout the 7,000+ islands that make up the country.

English is the primary language taught in virtually every school, and most everyone watches American television shows produced in the United States.  Since the shows are not translated to Tagalog or Cebuano, many of the natives learn additional English watching syndicated programs including many sitcom reruns.

The bad news.  Despite the fact that most of the population speaks English does not mean they prefer to speak English.  Most Filipina women are very shy about actually using English, especially in conversation with men from America.  They are often intimidated and afraid to embarrass themselves using the language incorrectly.  Often, a man who has had hundreds of great conversations via chat with a Pinay will be a bit surprised meeting his girlfriend for the first time only to discover she has become speechless.  The most common reason for this change in behavior is her shyness, and nothing more.

Don’t fret. When you visit this beautiful land, and you start meeting the beautiful women of the Philippines, you and the women you meet will figure out how to strike up a conversation.  That’s the fun part.  Pinay women are as smart as they are beautiful.  Be patient, be empathetic and try to put yourself in her shoes so you have a better understanding what she is feeling.

The Three Don’ts Of Digital Imagery

February 1, 2011

All of us have heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  No where is this more true than on the Internet…and no where is it more important than on a dating site.

Here are the three don’ts:

1)  Do not post a picture of yourself taken in a poorly lit environment.  Night photo’s and photo’s taken in dimly lit rooms will not show well on the Internet.  Instead, take pictures in daylight, outdoors and in well lit rooms to highlight your best features.

2)  Do not post grainy images taken using poor camera quality or low quality megapixel cell phones.  We’ve seen thousands of profiles submitted where the members posted pictures taken with a cell phone, or worse, taken with a cell phone with a low quality camera in a dimly lit room.  If you are going to post a photograph of yourself for the world to see, take a few extra minutes to take the best picture possible…in the best light possible.

3)  Do not upload blurry photographs.  Too often, people upload the first picture they find of themselves, even if its blurry.  It’s almost as if they are in race to be first person to post their profile on PinayCupid.com.  Rest assured, you will not be the first person to post a profile on the site, and you will not be last.

Our best advice to use an actual digital camera, take a few extra minutes to take the right picture and whether you are photographing yourself or getting someone to help you, take multiple pictures from different angles…then choose the best photos for upload.

Pinay Cupid Now Accepting Registrations

February 1, 2011

Pinay Cupid, your exclusive dating site featuring women from the Philippines, is now accepting early registration applications.  For additional information, visit http://www.pinaycupid.com.


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