The 2 most important tips for posting the perfect avatar picture

October 18, 2015

It’s true…a picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this more true than online dating. Whether you’re man or woman, here are three tips for uploading the absolutely best possible picture for yourself, and getting more “hello’s” on your profile.

1) Smile. Let me say it again…SMILE dammit! Only take an avatar picture of yourself when you’re really smiling, and if you’re embarrassed by your teeth, and lots of people are, then give the biggest smile you can without showing your teeth. Believe me, women already know this and capitalize on it. To test the theory, go look at any (10) profiles on Now go back and look at the profiles you first selected. We’ll bet ten-to-one they are not only smiling but smiling with sincerity. Men and women whose avatar pictures show a sincere smile have a 9:1 to ratio of contact compared to people who are not smiling in their picture. We’ve seen the statistics to back it up. So, one more time — BIG SMILE!

2) Turn the lights on. There’s a reason professional photographs spend 30 minutes setting up the lighting and 30 seconds taking the shot. Professional photographers already know that good photography starts with great lighting. Now we’re not saying you need to become a professional photographer to snap those pearly whites, but you should always be aware of lighting around you. Try to take your avatar picture in a well lit room or when outdoors, with the sun shining in your face. Remember, online dating is effectively a numbers game. The people with the best avatar pictures get the most clicks and highest number of “hello’s” and “flirts”. Twenty years ago, only a few million people used online dating sites, but my how times have changed. Today, there are estimates that as many as over a billion people around the world have active online dating profiles. Having a great avatar photograph represents who you are and speaks volumes without saying a single word. It shows who you are, and it determines the number of hello’s you can expect.

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Pinay Cupid Support Staff


5 Simple Rules For Dating Women From Asia

September 25, 2015

For women across Asia, online dating has leveled the playing field, particularly with the local men. We often talk to women in Japan, Singapore and the Philippines who share their deep disappointment about men they date in these countries. It’s not that the guys aren’t worth having a relationship with; it’s that Western men seem to do a much better job at offering romance, love and companionship. Men in Asian countries also express their frustration that they must now compete alongside men from around the world who want to date the same women they date, making the local dating scene extremely fluid, not to mention difficult. So let’s take a look at five simple rules you can follow when contacting and dating women from the orient. These will go a long way in helping the process begin.

1) It all starts with a great profile. Does your profile have at least 3 pictures posted in addition to your avatar picture? Is your profile (avatar) picture current? Are you smiling? Did you remove your sunglasses before snapping the shot? Can the girls actually see your face? Remember that guys who wear dark sunglasses, hide their face and wear a hoodie are rarely contacted.

2) Make the first move. When viewing a women’s profile you find interesting, click the “Send a Hello” and send her a quick message. You’re not making any commitment and there’s nothing to lose. If she responds back, she’s sending you an invitation to send her more information about yourself.

3) Be selective. Being selective isn’t arrogant, it’s respectful. Not only will you not waste the time of women you really don’t want to talk to, you’ll also be respecting the woman’s feelings by not wasting her time. If you’re on the fence about a woman’s profile, pass it over. If you stumble upon it again and like what you see, then send a “Hello” message to see if there’s any spark. If there’s not, move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

4) Be sincere. If you have trouble meeting women in your area now, you’ll have trouble meeting women online, even when she’s 10,000 miles away. To help overcome this shortcoming, start with sincerity. Just as you’re able to tell when a woman is trying to scam you, she can tell when you’re not being sincere, and when it comes to dating, whether face-to-face to online, women want sincerity. Also remember she’s not just talking to you, she’s talking to lots of Western men, and getting lots of messages from men around the world every day, sometimes hundreds of messages. If you’re not serious, it won’t take her long to sense that from you, and she’ll be gone. Remember, the guy choses — but the woman decides.

5) Unlike competing sites that professionally photograph and spray-paint the faces of every woman on their site, our members photographs are not retouched or painted over to look like Ms. America. We expend great effort to screen out ‘bad’ profiles, and we catch most of them, but if you suspect that a woman you’re talking to is “faking it for taking it”, using false images, asks you for money or gifts, click the “Report Abuse” button next to her profile image. We’ll conduct an internal audit, and if we believe she is violating our Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy, her membership will be terminated from the PinayCupid network. Not only does this help you, but it keeps other men from becoming a possible statistic. It also sends a clear message to all women overseas that we don’t tolerate this type of behavior.

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Pinay Cupid Support Staff